My Old Addiction

She’s A Boy I Knew

Shes A Boy IKnewBBBB.5

(out of 5)

grew up in an average British Columbia family with his parents and two sisters, married his first girlfriend and, in his late twenties, finally faced an unavoidable truth about himself: his desire to transition into a woman. The journey from Steven to Gwen Haworth is documented here by the lady herself, who interviews her family, friends and wife and has them express their fears, desires and support for Gwen as she takes many very brave steps towards becoming the person she’d always longed to be. Haworth is blessed with a group of family and friends who give not only their unconditional love but also their honest expressions of whatever reservations they once had when they first joined Gwen in this process. Haworth’s mother is particularly a natural born star, at turns moving, hysterical and perplexing, and Haworth has fashioned an exquisite portrait of her own life that has love pouring from every frame.  Often heartbreaking and constantly fascinating, intimate in its proximity to the subject without ever being self-indulgent or cloying, this one ranks up there with Tarnation for effect.

Shapeshifter Films


Directed by

Screenplay by Gwen Haworth

Produced by Gwen Haworth

Music by

Film Editing by Gwen Haworth


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