Into The Arms Of Strangers: Stories Of The Kindertransport

Into The Arms Of StrangersBBBBB

(out of 5)

In the months preceding World War II, the British government responded to the Nazi Jewish “Programm” by allowing thousands of Jewish children to immigrate into the country and be adopted by English families. A group of these children have been interviewed and share their experiences in this heart-rending documentary narrated beautifully by . Chock full of fascinating footage and powerful stories, director Mark Jonathan Harris never lets your interest flag for a moment. Afterwards you’ll have these people and their experiences on your mind for days.

Sabine Films, Skywalker, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United Kingdom/USA, 2000

Directed by

Screenplay by Mark Jonathan Harris

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Film Editing by

Film Festivals:  TIFF 2000

Academy Award
Best Documentary (Feature) (Mark Jonathan Harris, Deborah Oppenheimer)


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