Wonderland (1999)


(out of 5)

Michael Winterbottom’s best-ever examination of working class London threatens to overtake Mike Leigh territory as he follows the lives of three very different sisters and all the wacky characters they meet.  is a swinging single gal who goes out on countless blind dates, providing for endless stories that get more and more bizarre;   tries to take care of her growing son while coping with an irresponsible ex-husband ();  is the pregnant woman who is ready to pop at any second but also has to deal with husband’s concealing from her that he’s recently out of a job. These girls also have two parents, and they have their own miseries to deal with. The characterizations are all at turns funny, wise and completely odd, but always with a healthy dollop of warmth and humanity. Fantastic family drama, plus featuring beautiful handheld cinematography.

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United Kingdom1999

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Music by

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Cannes Film Festival 1999

Toronto International Film Festival 1999


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