The Blind Side


(out of 5)

  shines so bright in this film that its shortcomings are wholly forgiveable. It tells the true story of Michael Oher, at the beginning of the film a shy young black man with no home or family who is sent to an upscale Christian school in Memphis. There he catches the eye of a rich, white interior decorator (Bullock) married to the successful owner of a string of fast-food franchises () who gives southern hospitality a sterling name when she not only takes the boy in but, little by little, makes him part of her family. When it comes time for Michael to graduate university and possibly get a sports scholarship, Bullock makes it her direct goal to make sure he not only gets the marks he needs but also finds his way to becoming as successful in his chosen game of football as is possible. Every cliché of feel-good claptrap is whipped out, from the annoying comic relief of the bad child actor ( as Bullock’s younger son) to the constant swelling of twinkle twinkle music every time things get weepy, but at its centre is something magical that holds it together: Bullock’s sharp, witty performance is relentlessly likeable, her every scene so incredibly strong that you find yourself wishing she would just keep bossing everyone around forever (just look at her reaction when Quentin Aaron as Oher tells her that he’s never had a bed before).  It’s the kind of performance that has been brewing inside of this talented actress for a long time, and the viewing of the overall film is a guilty pleasure.

Alcon Entertainment, Left Tackle Pictures, Netter Productions, Zucker/Netter Productions

USA, 2009

Directed by

Screenplay by John Lee Hancock, based on the book The Blind Side: Evolution Of A Game by

Cinematography by

Produced by , ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 2009

Golden Globe Awards 2009

Phoenix Film Critics Awards 2009.

Washington Film Critics Awards 2009.  

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