Claire’s Knee (Le Genou De Claire)

Claires KneeBBBB

(out of 5)

At a beautiful villa in France during the hottest days of summer, a vacationing cultural attache () enjoys his last few days as a bachelor before he will return to the city to marry his fiancee. While on holiday he runs into an old friend of his () who encourages him to enjoy a flirtatious relationship with her teenaged half-sister (). Instead, he fixates on Romand’s older sister Claire, particularly the titular joint upon which he begins to fixate. Eric Rohmer’s usual style of tasteful, lovely filmmaking meets up with Bunuelean obsession in this beautifully photographed, lovingly written film. Romand would appear for Rohmer again nearly thirty years later as the star of Autumn Tale.

France, 1970

Directed by Eric Rohmer

Screenplay by Eric Rohmer

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Film Editing by

Golden Globe Award Nomination
Best Foreign-Language Foreign Film (France)


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