Into Great Silence


(out of 5)

Original title:  Die Grosse Stille

Probing, purely observant look into the world of monastic life. This gorgeously filmed but difficult to watch documentary goes into the world of the Grande Chartreuse, a reclusive monastery that has kept its traditions alive since the 12th century. We see the monks as they live in near-constant silence, working and studying. As pitch-perfect a view as it is into a world unknown to most viewers, it’s also impossible to sit through; long, slow takes evoke the world of stillness that these men live in but don’t make for easy times in a movie theatre seat or on your couch. Still, it’s fascinating and worthy of at least the attempt.

, , , ,

France/Switzerland/Germany, 2005

Directed by

Screenplay by Philip Groning

Cinematography by Philip Groning

Produced by Philip Groning, , ,

Music by Michael Busch, Philip Groning

Film Editing by Philip Groning

European Film Awards 2006.  

Toronto International Film Festival 2005

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