Hear No Evil


(out of 5)

Routine, tired premise is given a false new jolt by giving the leading lady a physical challenge. A hearing-impaired personal trainer () inadvertently comes into possession of a rare, stolen coin. Now her life is in danger, and not even her dopey-faced restaurant-owning boyfriend () can do much to save her. Having a deaf heroine is certainly a leap forward for a Hollywood movie, and Matlin’s interesting personality gives the film a major edge that it doesn’t necessarily deserve, but it’s still as predictable as any film that follows the Wait Until Dark plotline. For once it might be nice to see a movie where a heroine gets into trouble for something she herself does wrong, as opposed to this Flight of The Innocent crap we’re constantly having shoved down our throats.

Twentieth Century Fox, Great Movie Ventures

USA, 1993

Directed by

Story by , , screenplay by Randall M. Badat,

Cinematography by

Produced by Robert Greenwald,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

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