Falling In Love

Falling In LoveBB

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You never would have believed that a film combining the talents of  and  would be so boring, but here it is. They play two strangers, each of them married to other people, who meet on commuter train rides into New York City and start to spend more time together in the city. They feel a comfort with each other that they don’t have with their respective spouses and gradually their friendship turns to true love, but not without a fair amount of guilt to prevent them from going too far with each other. This tasteful, grown-up, modernized version of Brief Encounter suffers from a completely unimaginative screenplay and lackluster direction, with both leads doing a terrific job but never sparking a single bit chemistry when they’re together. The supporting performances by  and  as their friends are a lot more fun than the protagonists are.

USA, 1984

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