Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry


(out of 5)

 and  are teamed up for the first time in this charming little distraction about race horses.  plays a British nobleman’s grandson who accompanies his grandfather () to America to race their prize horse in the hopes that it will win them big money to replace the old money they no longer have. Sinclair meets champion jockey Rooney and asks him to ride his horse, in the meantime becoming his best friend. Garland plays the daughter of a boarding house mistress (, who unfortunately isn’t given anything to sing) who rents rooms out to jockeys. There’s trouble brewing when Rooney’s crooked father decides to scam his son out of thousands of dollars, putting him in an ethical quandary that nearly ruins everyone’s hopes. Garland only sings one song, ‘Got A Pair Of New Shoes’, which is repeated often throughout the film, but it’s a charming song and hearing her sing at least one is better than none. She and Rooney were such a hit with young audiences that they went on to make eight more films together in the next six years (nine if you count their brief reunion in Words and Music).

USA, 1937

Directed by

Screenplay by , from an original story by

Cinematography by 

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by



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