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The Story Of Adele H (L’Histoire D’Adele H)

LHistoire DAdele HBBBB

(out of 5)

Madly in love with a soldier who has left her, Adele Hugo (daughter of the famous writer Victor Hugo) follows him to Canada where he is stationed and does everything she can to win him back. Given the opportunity to realize the folly of her desire, she faces the decision to continue pursuing him or maybe move on to something more constructive in her life, but her eventual choice is for you to discover. While not much more than a weepy costume drama, this film benefits from Francois Truffaut’s attention to character detail and intelligent emotional content, as well as a beautifully fragile portrait of youthful obsession from the stunning beautiful . It’s obvious that she was from a young age already a strong and powerful actress who could convey deep emotions with very little obvious effort. Based on Adele Hugo’s actual diaries.

, ,

France, 1975

Directed by

Screenplay by Francois Truffaut, , , collaboration with , based on the diary of

Cinematography by

Music by ,

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by , , , ,

Academy Award Nomination
Best Actress (Isabelle Adjani as “Adele Hugo”)


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