Time Stands Still (Megáll az idö)

Megall az idoBBB

(out of 5)

Two teenagers growing up in Hungary in the sixties have to deal with adolescent angst and burgeoning sexuality while being confronted with the frustrations of a society stuck in a time warp. The boys’ father left them after the Hungarian uprising in 1956, their mother raising them alone after refusing to accompany her husband and wishing to stay where she was born. Meanwhile, these overanxious youngsters look to conquer as many of the girls in their high school as possible before graduating and pursuing their careers, the results varied for them and their colourful assortment of friends. A whack of lovable characters populate this gorgeously shot film (photography by Lajos Koltai, before his move to Hollywood), a curiously enjoyable piece that has virtually no plot thrust whatsoever but manages to entertain you all the same. It wanders without knowing where it wants to go, but its musings in the process are a delight.

Hungary, 1982

Directed by

Screenplay by , Peter Gothar

Cinematography by

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New York Film Critics Award
Best Foreign Language Film