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The other fantastic thriller made in 1971 is the perfect feminine companion to The French Connection (and is in both of them).   gives the performance of anyone’s lifetime as a street-wise prostitute who hangs around agents’ offices during the day looking for work as a model and actress and working as a high-priced call girl in the evenings (I won’t state the obvious connection, so as to not be offensive). She becomes embroiled in a scam when a respectable family man and high-powered business executive goes missing and the only lead he leaves behind for the investigating detective () is her phone number. At first Sutherland tries to blackmail Fonda into helping him, but eventually he realizes that there actually is a psychotic madman stalking her and it might be connected with his case. A waterproof screenplay meets Alan J. Pakula’s energetic direction to make a perfect film, with Fonda’s wise, challenging and complicated performance rising above the stereotypes of hookers-with-hearts-of-gold and pushing a genre picture into the realm of character study.


USA, 1971

Directed by

Screenplay by ,

Cinematography by

Produced by Alan J. Pakula

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

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Academy Award
Best Actress (Jane Fonda as “Bree Daniel”)

Best Writing (Story and Screenplay–based on factual material or material not previously published or produced) (Andy Lewis, Dave Lewis)

Golden Globe Award
Best Performance By An Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama (Jane Fonda)

Best Screenplay (Andy Lewis, David P. Lewis)

New York Film Critics Award
Best Actress (Jane Fonda)

National Society of Film Critics Award
Best Actress (Jane Fonda)

Writers Guild Award Nomination
Best Drama Written Directly for the Screen

British Academy Award Nomination
Best Actress (Jane Fonda)



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