Duck Soup


(out of 5)

This is definitely one of the most popular, beloved comedies starring the Marx Brothers. In it,  plays a citizen of Freedonia who is suddenly catapulted to national domination when a wealthy widow () allows the state to borrow vast sums of her money provided they put him in charge of government. plays the ambassador from Sylvania who decides to start a war that he hopes will result in his ruling both nations. Also featuring the hilarious comic hijinx of  and  and the straight-man patience of , this movie is so funny you might just have to watch it twice to catch the stuff you missed the first time. Oddly enough, this wise political allegory was ignored by critics and audiences when first released, but has since been labelled an absolute classic.

Paramount Pictures

USA, 1933

Directed by

Story by , , additional dialogue by ,

Cinematography by

Produced by 

Music by

Production Design by ,

Film Editing by


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