The Comedians


(out of 5)

Peter Glenville followed his brilliant Becket with this terrible adaptation of Grahame Greene’s novel. It stars  as a hotel owner in Haiti who gets involved with the political turbulence under “Papa Doc” Duvalier’s terrifying military regime on the island.  stars as the wife of a European ambassador () who is having an affair with Burton. Despite the complications from their relationship, Burton’s politically dubious hotel guests and his friendship with a rebel leader, the plot is basically about nothing and the romance isn’t spicy enough to make up for it. The performances from the entire cast are lifeless, including a bored Burton and a useless Taylor (though I’ll give her South African accent credit). An all-star cast appears in support, but the script is so bland that they too eventually blend into the background.


USA/France, 1967

Directed by 

Screenplay by , based on his novel

Cinematography by 

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Film Editing by

Golden Globe Awards 1967

National Board of Review Awards 1967.

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