Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBB.5.   

Following a near-death experience in a car accident, one which claims the life of her husband, makes a full recovery only to discover that her journey into and back from the afterlife has left her with the ability to heal illnesses. At first only the local residents of her rural community are affected, but pretty soon her powers achieve national attention, with many people clambering for her help and others painting her a witch or, worse, a phony. More than just a miracle-cure genre movie, this is a deeply felt character drama about a woman whose life has taken a new direction that she just doesn’t know how to feel about. , veteran of the American stage, sparkles as Burstyn’s grandmother who keeps her going through good times and bad, while makes an early appearance as her moody boyfriend who is reluctant to share her with the world. Fascinating and unforgettable.


USA, 1980.  

Screenplay by  .  

Cinematography by .  

Produced by , .  

Music by .  

Production Design by .  

Costume Design by .  

Film Editing by .  

Academy Awards 1980.  

Golden Globe Awards 1980.  

National Board of Review Awards 1980.  

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