Plus Tard (2008)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBB.5

Original title:  Plus Tard Tu Comprendras

Alternate title:  Later, One Day You’ll Understand

France/Germany/Israel, 2008.  AGAV Films, France 2, Image et Compagnie, Norddeutscher Rundfunk.  Screenplay by , adaptation by Amos Gitai, , based on the autobiography by .  Cinematography by .  Produced by Nicole Collet, Amos Gitai, Serge Moati.  Music by Louis Sclavis.  Production Design by Emmanuel de Chauvigny.  Costume Design by Moira Douguet.  Film Editing by Isabelle Ingold.  

Having been born a few days after the end of World War II, and raised a devout Catholic, is shocked to find documentation stating that not only is his mother actually Jewish, but is the daughter of two successful furriers who were denounced and later died by Nazi hands. His obsession with getting to the bottom of these new found family secrets threatens to alienate him completely from his wife () and two children. It also doesn’t help that his mother (the legendary ) isn’t quite ready to divulge any information; when she does, it comes as a flood of emotional disclosure before a tragic turn in the family’s circumstances. Sometimes a bit too talky, Amos Gitai’s adaptation of Jerome Clement’s semi-autobiographical novel Plus Tard, Tu Comprendras isn’t always as captivating as his best films but is still a strong and powerful drama. The centrepiece scene, when Moreau takes her grandchildren to a Synogogue for the first time, is so powerful in its emotional depth and simplicity that it is worth the price of admission alone. Filmed with Gitai’s usual grace and careful attention to detailed photography and beautiful musical scoring.

Toronto International Film Festival:  2008

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