The Bourne Legacy


(out of 5)

The franchise that had great success with Matt Damon from 2002-2007 has now been resurrected laterally with  taking the lead in a new character. His Aaron Cross is a former colleague of Bourne’s who has also surfaced after going stealth, though in his case his memory is intact and his identity secure. When the company that oversees the training and enhancement of super soldiers decides to shut down the operation and kill its operatives, Cross is somehow ahead of the curve and manages to survive, making his way back to the big city to get the guys who are trying to kill him. Along the way he also picks up the research scientist () who supplies him with the pills that increase his abilities and upon which his body has become dependent, and the two of them eventually find themselves on the run from an increasing load of people with guns pointed at their heads. The last two Bourne films had action sequences of such exquisite tension and grace that director Tony Gilroy, taking over for Paul Greengrass, definitely felt the pressure to match and outdo his predecessor. While this one climaxes with one of the most exciting and incredible high-speed motor chases ever put on film, the lead up to its more breathless moments is completely uninspiring: Renner and Weisz have little chemistry between them (her shrill delivery becomes tiresome very quickly), the story lacks interest and the talky dialogue yammers on about details that reveal little of interest to the audience.  appears in the Chris Cooper-esque role as the headquarters heavy, and both his talent and charismatic looks are wasted in the role.

, , , ,

USA, 2012

Directed by

Story by Tony Gilroy, Screenplay by Tony Gilroy,

Cinematography by

Produced by , , ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012.  

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