Henry & June


(out of 5)

Sordid, sexy story concerning the relationship between American fiction writer Henry Miller () and French erotic scribe Anais Nin (). When Miller arrives in Paris with his beautiful wife June (), he immediately captures Nin’s attention and she befriends them both, her friendship soon turning to more lustful thoughts that result in a menage a trois of the sort you can generally only find on a late-night hotel pay channel. Philippe Rousselot’s cinematography is beautifully ripe, but the screenplay is so flat and all the actors so lifeless that his gorgeous images reveal absolutely nothing more than kinky fetishism over garter belts and torn stockings. Surprisingly enough, this dud is directed by Philip Kaufman, who is usually much more reliable in providing deep, thought-provoking films worth watching. This was among the first films to be given the brand new MPAA rating of NC-17 (no minors admitted), and as such garnered it far more attention than it could ever deserve.

Universal Pictures, Walrus & Associates, Ministère de la Culture de la Republique Française

USA, 1990

Directed by

Screenplay by Philip Kaufman, , based on the book by

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by , ,

Academy Awards 1990

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