Our Daily Bread


(out of 5)

Original title:  Unser Taglich Brot

The food industry has taken quite a beating from documentary films over the last few years, but this one has a very interesting method in observing its subject: it is a completely wordless, purely observational experience in which director Nikolaus Geyrhalter points his cameras at various aspects of food production without any commentary or interviews. Massive machines, tired employees and giant fields of crops are peered at by a filmmaker looking to explore the impersonal nature with which our food is manufactured and brought to our table. The lack of discernible human voice can be a little bit annoying at times; there are moments when an explanation of a certain process could be clarified to our benefit, but otherwise it is a very sobering film and almost a spiritual one, a farm-themed Baraka that overcomes you with its hypnotic rhythm and vast visual scope. It will challenge your patience from time to time, but give yourself up to its mesmerizing quality and you will find yourself learning quite a bit.

, , , ,

Germany/Austria, 2005

Directed by

Screenplay by Nikolaus Geyrhalter,

Cinematography by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Produced by Nikolaus Geyrhalter, , , Wolfgang Widerhofer

Production Design by

Film Editing by Wolfgang Widerhofer

European Film Awards 2006.  

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