Jiro Dreams Of Sushi


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBB.  USA, 2011.  , .  Cinematography by David Gelb.  Produced by , .  Music by , , .  Film Editing by North Carolina Film Critics Awards 2012. Online Film Critics Awards 2012.  Phoenix Film Critics Awards 2012.  

It’s not just a job when you devote yourself to the perfection of your craft, and Jiro is here to prove that owning a restaurant is more than just serving good food. Seventy five years in the business of sushi has earned him at least two 3-star ratings in the Michelin guide and vast fame as Jiro Ono plunks down, with unfailing elegance, the delicacies that thrill gourmands around the world. His restaurant only seats a handful of people and fame has not encouraged him to expand. His sons have learned the trade after him but it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the high standards of traditional sushi in a world much more interested in less work for faster results (proper training for a sushi chef is upwards of ten years). At the heart of this winsome, enjoyable documentary is the plucky, charming personality of the head of the operation, who seems to have no intention of settling down and whose standards of service have not waned with time. His level of commitment to a job well done makes him an inspiration to all who take the time to watch this charmer.

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