Back To The Future


(out of 5)

This first instalment in the popular science-fiction trilogy is still by far the best of the bunch, and one of the most delightful time-travel movies ever made. plays a teenager who is taken back in time by a kooky scientist () to the 1950s. When he gets there, he meets a teenaged version of his mother () who accidentally falls in love with him, and then by sheer mishap he prevents his father from meeting his mother, thus negating his own existence. What he must do to ensure his own birth and then travel back to the present is a whirlwind adventure that isn’t dull for a second. Lloyd is terrific as the loopy experimenter, and Robert Zemeckis’s script (co-written with Bob Gale) is one of the year’s best.

USA, 1985

Directed by

Screenplay by Robert Zemeckis,

Cinematography by

Produced by , Bob Gale

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by ,

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Academy Award
Best Sound Effects Editing (Charles L. Campbell, Robert Rutledge)

Best Music (Original Song) (“The Power of Love”, music by Chris Hayes, Johnny Colla; Lyric by Huey Lewis)
Best Sound (Bill Varney, B. Tennyson Sebastian II, Robert Thirlwell, William B. Kaplan)
Best Writing (Screenplay Written Directly For the Screen) (Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale)

Golden Globe Award Nominations
Best Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical
Best Performance By An Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical (Michael J. Fox)
Best Screenplay (Bob Gale)
Best Original Song-Motion Picture (“The Power of Love”, music by Johnny Colla, Chris Hayes, lyrics by Huey Lewis)

National Board Of Review Award
Top Ten Films

Writers Guild Award Nomination
Best Original Screenplay

British Academy Award Nominations
Best Film
Best Screenplay – Original
Best Editing
Best Special Visual Effects
Best Production Design



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