Back To The Future Part III


(out of 5)

The fun continues! When filming began on the set of Back To The Future Part II, the filmmakers decided that they had far too much story for one film and ended up making two instead. This left a dull, shallow sequel (II) followed by a much more satisfying, entertaining ride (III). In this chapter, Marty McFly (the ever-ready ) journeys back to 1885 where Doc Brown () is in danger from the Tannens once again. It should be an easy pick-up and return, but their time travel car runs out of gas and they end up stuck in the Wild West longer than expected. , once again following a time traveler, has a great time as a prim schoolteacher who develops a crush on Lloyd, and  and  reprise their roles.

Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, U-Drive Productions

USA, 1990

Directed by

Story by Robert Zemeckis, , Screenplay by Bob Gale, based on characters created by Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale

Cinematography by

Produced by , Bob Gale

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by ,

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