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Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

10 Attitudes


(out of 5)

Painful romantic comedy effort shot on unappealingly bland video, about a frustrated man (writer/producer ) looking for love after he catches his boyfriend with a hustler. Told that he needs to go on ten dates before finding the man of his dreams, he hits the internet and answers personal ads in search of his Romeo. Sadly, it’s all been done before, with much better dialogue and sturdier direction; most of it feels like a home movie, but a home movie with people you don’t know and therefore won’t enjoy watching. At this point, gay movies about bitter West Hollywood intellectuals going on a round-robin of dates with quirky weirdos should be listed as a genre in themselves.

Listen to BGM’s Episode on 10 Attitudes

Modern Artists, Envision Management, Gallant Entertainment

USA, 2001

Directed by 

Story by Michael O. Gallant, 

Produced by Robert Bonet, Michael O. Gallant, Jason Stuart

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