Lost Highway


(out of 5)

More psychedelia from the warped mind of David Lynch that isn’t as crafty as Blue Velvet or as brilliant as Mulholland Drive would be later on.   and  play a happy couple whose peaceful world is interrupted by constant deliveries of videotapes that are left on their doorstep. When viewing the tapes they discover that someone has been entering their home during the night and filming them without their notice. Things get trippy before you’re ready for it, and soon characters are transforming into different people for no reason and logic is flying out the door.  Lynch’s dream world is a comfortable one no matter how alien it gets, so you’ll have no trouble enjoying this even when you’re having trouble understanding it. Arquette is at her most attractive and bewitching, and  is excellent in a supporting role.

, , ,

France/USA, 1997

Directed by

Screenplay by David Lynch,

Cinematography by

Produced by , ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by Patricia Norris

Film Editing by Mary Sweeney


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