Ibiza Dream (El Sueno De Ibiza)


(out of 5)

Two boys and a girl become best friends while growing up in sunny Ibiza, later separated for years until they are reunited as adults. The one young man has returned in order to achieve his dream business of opening up a spiritual centre focusing on new age philosophies.  He wants his friends to join him, but the other two resist; the idea of something so deep goes against the idyllic hedonism that Ibiza seems to stand for in European vacationers’ minds. The paths they follow towards their eventual destinies are never for a moment compelling or interesting; this movie is slow, badly written and the characters thoroughly unlikable. The lush photography is the only appeal, but it is meager compensation.

Spain, 2002

Directed by Igor Fioravanti

Screenplay by Igor Fioravanti, script editor Peter Andermatt

Cinematography by Miguel Leal