(out of 5)

Fellini’s tribute to his adopted home is a plotless, sometimes metaphysical odyssey through the Eternal City. There are Papal fashion shows, trips through brothels, archaeological excavations and even glimpses of popular Italian movie stars (Anna Magnani and Marcello Mastroianni among them). It’s visually splendid, but some viewers will find it frustrating and eventually boring. Fellini fans will find much to enjoy about it, though La Dolce Vita did a better job of exploring Roman culture while employing a stronger narrative.  Most of the time Fellini seems to be trying very hard to recapture the decadence of his Satyricon.

Italy/France, 1972

Directed by Federico Fellini

Story and Screenplay by Federico Fellini, Bernardino Zapponi

Cinematography by Giuseppe Rotunno

The Criterion Collection

British Academy Award Nomination
Best Art Direction