The Pink Panther Strikes Again


(out of 5)

Clouseau is back, and Herbert Lom’s Inspector Dreyfus is determined to get rid of him once again. Having been driven into a mental institution by his hatred for the bumbling detective, Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) escapes and tries to kill Clouseau (Peter Sellers) himself. When that doesn’t work, he figures the next best thing is to build a doomsday machine and hold the world hostage unless someone gives in to his demand and kills the Inspector for him. Blake Edwards, whose sense of humour is unparalleled in his best comedic moments, contributes another great selection of comic hijinks and slapstick mayhem, the best of which are naturally when Clouseau gets to sparring with his ever-faithful housekeeper Cato. Lesley-Anne Down is lovely as a hired assassin who ends up finding our goofy Frenchman completely irresistible.

United Kingdom/USA, 1976

Directed by Blake Edwards

Screenplay by Blake Edwards, Frank Waldman

Cinematography by Harry Waxman

Academy Award Nomination
Best Music (Original Song) (“Come To Me”, music by Henry Mancini; lyrics by Don Black)

Golden Globe Award Nominations
Best Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical
Best Performance By An Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical (Peter Sellers)

Writers Guild Award
Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium