My Old Addiction

The Big Chill


(out of 5)

Years after they were close in college, a group of men and women gather together to attend the funeral of one of their friends (all you see is his leg, but it’s actually , whose other scenes were all excised from the movie). They relive old times and express the journey they have gone from rebellious and optimistic counterculture youths to yuppies saddled with middle-class responsibility, all under the weight of the reason that has brought them together. Kasdan’s screenplay (co-written with Barbara Benedek) is punctuated with intelligent dialogue and a genuine interest at getting the point of view of these characters across.  is a standout in the cast (earning her second Oscar nomination in a row), but ,  and  also do a great job of making their presence felt.

, ,

USA, 1983

Directed by

Screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan,

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Award Nominations
Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Glenn Close as “Sarah”)
Best Picture (Michael Shamberg, producer)
Best Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen) (Lawrence Kasdan, Barbara Benedek)

Golden Globe Award Nominations
Best Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical
Best Screenplay (Barbara Benedek)


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