Passion (1999)


(out of 5)

Film biography of composer Percy Grainger (, an Australian composer of the early 20th century who had a brilliant career as a pianist in England before concentrating on his own compositions. The film details his almost Oedipal relationship with his very devoted mother (), a union that prevented him from ever having any lasting affairs with any of the women in his life, as well as his explorations of the dark side of his sexuality, including a perverse obsession with self-flagellation.  co-stars as a young Danish pianist who enters his life and shares his sadomasochistic lifestyle out of love for him, a relationship Hershey has hopes will temper Grainger’s obsession with her as well as the dark habits that she knows he gets up to. The full-blooded screenplay deals with these personal conflicts as well as Grainger’s professional career, presenting the beautiful music with great relish and highlighting some of the best of his own personal work. If you’ve ever seen James Ivory’s classic Howards End, the soundtrack of that film uses two of Grainger’s best pieces, the “Bridal Lullaby” and “Mock Morris”.

Australia, 1999

Directed by

Screenplay by , , based on the book Percy Grainger by , and the play Percy & Rose by

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

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