(out of 5)

Adorable animated film that belongs to the Shrek genre of irreverently told fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood is given a new spin with the rouge-capped basket carrier now an employee of her grandmother’s world-famous bakery empire. A bandit has been stealing recipes from woodland creatures of the entire forest, putting their bakeries out of business and hinting at Granny as the next target. When Red bursts in on the Big Bad Wolf in her grandmother’s bed, discovers her beloved granny tied up in the closet and is interrupted from saving her by a crazy giant with an axe, a mystery is born that requires a savvy frog detective named Flippers (voiced hysterically by David Ogden Stiers) to figure it out. From there, a Rashomon-like plot develops as each character recounts their story leading up to the incident, and with each new revelation, the plot thickens. Ignore the forgettable songs and indulge in the cheesy low-grade animation, witty dialogue and lovable characters. This is no classic, but it is a most congenial way to pass the time.

The Weinstein Company, Kanbar Entertainment, Kanbar Animation, Blue Yonder Films, Hoodwinked

USA, 2005

Directed by Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards, Tony Leech

Story by Todd Edwards, Cory Edwards, Screenplay by Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards, Tony Leech