Blind Date


(out of 5)

Totally charmless piece of garbage from Blake Edwards, a man who should definitely have known better. Kim Basinger is hilarious (particularly in the first third of the film) as a beautiful woman who is Bruce Willis’ blind date at an important business function. He doesn’t know that booze turns her into a nightmare of pratfalls–following the hilarious opening the film descends into awkward slapstick routines, bumbling villains and other flimsy excuses to keep an already terrible film going to a worse end. Willis is great in his first big screen role following the success of his stint of TV’s Moonlighting. The two lead roles were originally meant for Madonna and Sean Penn, but when he changed his mind about the project so did she (now say that Madonna has the worst instinct for choosing bad movies!). If movies were people, this one would be a mannequin.

USA, 1987

Directed by Blake Edwards

Screenplay by Dale Launer

Cinematography by Harry Stradling Jr.