Dog Day Afternoon


(out of 5)

Brilliant film version of the real-life events surrounding Brooklyn resident Sonny Wortzik, who tries with his pals to rob a bank to pay for his boyfriend’s sex-change operation. It is supposed to be a ten-minute robbery, in and out, but when the police show up the boys have to take some bank tellers hostage and the street outside becomes a war zone; when the media and the public catch wind of this, all of Brooklyn becomes a circus. and are fantastic as the criminals,  wonderful as Sonny’s suicidal boyfriend, and  my favourite performance in the film as the smart-talking head teller of the bank who instantly gains the nickname “Mouth”. Other cast members include  as the policeman in charge of handing the hostage situation and a very young  (the same year she was Oscar-nominated for Hester Street) as one of the tellers who’s worried about jeopardizing her marriage by getting home too late.  Edge-of-your-seat tension (thanks to Dede Allen’s editing) and the added bonus of some great comedy that comes from watching these guys and their lack of expertise in the matter of solid crime.

Warner Bros., Artists Entertainment Complex

USA, 1975

Directed by

Screenplay by , based on a magazine article by , , from the book by

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 1975

Golden Globe Awards 1975

National Board of Review Awards 1975.  

New York Film Critics Awards 1975.  

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