My Old Addiction

The Tuxedo


(out of 5)

A kamikaze taxi driver () is recruited to work for a top secret agent () and be his personal chauffeur. Befriending him, the driver is devastated when his boss is injured in a bombing and rendered unfit for duty. Not wanting to let any bad guy get the upper hand, he immediately steps into his superior’s shoes and takes over. Well, not just his shoes, but his entire tuxedo: the debonair superspy’s secret weapon is a billion-dollar swanky suit that performs all necessary functions for being a hero, from dance steps to black-belt martial arts. Now, Chan must team up with a brainy (and suspiciously pretty) scientist () to save the world from a power-mad bottler who wants to poison the continent’s drinking water and boost his sales. This offbeat villain actually isn’t the weakness of the script, it’s more the story’s main contrivance that raises eyebrows: it’s far too obvious that this film has been tailor-made (pardon the pun) to suit (again, sorry) Chan’s action-man talents. Hewitt threatens to be totally delightful at times, but she’s hampered by weak dialogue delivery and the fact that this movie constantly disguises her gratuitous sluttiness as character detail without her ever fighting it for a second. One look at co-star  and you instantly know who should be playing her role. Reasonably enjoyable, but not nearly the best that Chan’s oeuvre has to offer.

, , ,

USA, 2002

Directed by

Story by , , , Screenplay by Michael J. Wilson,

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by ,

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by


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