Lethal Weapon 4


(out of 5)

 is no longer the only one who is getting too old for this shit. He and  have had their day and are long past it but insist on coming back for one more Lethal Weapon adventure. This one reunites them with ,  (now Mel’s wife in the film) and throws in new cop  for good measure. The overly complicated plot has the boys intercept a shipment of illegal immigrants from China, with Glover taking one particular family in out of pity. The family has been brought over to make counterfeit money for a Triad leader () who will stop at nothing to get them back. Lots of wisecracks, even more death-defying stunts, but it just doesn’t gel together as well as it used to. Reports from the set indicated that filming had begun without a finished script, and the raggedy pacing shows this off all too plainly. Russo’s wiseass charms are underused, as are Rock’s comedic abilities.

, ,

USA, 1998

Directed by Richard Donner

Story by , , , Screenplay by , based on characters created by 

Cinematography by 

Produced by Richard Donner,

Music by , ,

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by , , ,



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