Key Largo


(out of 5)

Exciting intrigue in the Florida keys! When a big-time gangster (Edward G. Robinson) needs a place to hide out from the police and the oncoming tropical storms, he takes a hotel hostage and forces the owner (Lionel Barrymore) and his daughter (Lauren Bacall) to keep him comfortable. Luckily, acid-tongued Humphrey Bogart is also stuck there with them and manages to save the day.  Claire Trevor is excellent as Robinson’s booze-loving mistress in this terrific drama that features incredibly tense moments under the direction of the legendary John Huston.

Warner Bros.

USA, 1948

Directed by John Huston

Screenplay by Richard Brooks, John Huston, based on the play by Maxwell Anderson

Cinematography by Karl Freund

Academy Award
Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Claire Trevor as “Gaye”)

Writers Guild Award Nomination
Best Written American Drama