My Old Addiction

The Banger Sisters


(out of 5)

Aging rock groupie Suzette () is down on her luck:  she’s just been fired from her job, and her having known Jim Morrison in his heyday isn’t garnering her any useful attention anymore. To counter the bad funk she’s in, she travels to Phoenix, picking up an obsessive compulsive screenwriter () along the way, in order to reunite with fellow groupie and former best friend Vinnie (). What she encounters is a new person that she no longer recognizes: Vinnie now goes by Lavinia, has married a lawyer () with political aspirations, has two teenage daughters ( and , Sarandon’s real-life daughter) and sits on the boards of many prominent charity organizations. Vinnie at first rejects the opportunity to delve into a past that she has long been ashamed of until Suzette’s delightfully persistent attitude convinces her to take another long walk on the wild side. Bob Dolman’s script and direction in this winsome comedy are unmistakeably bad: his plot is all over the place with unresolved issues and floppy characters. What makes the film worth going out of your way to see is the work by the two lead stars. Sarandon and Hawn both look great, and their fabulously subtle work highlights the best aspects of their characters while overcoming the underdeveloped portions of their personalities. Their work together is the film’s standout attraction, particularly a hilarious sequence where they indulge in a look at the ‘Rock-Cock’ collection that they’ve amassed over the years.

Fox Searchlight Pictures, Gran Via, Elizabeth Cantillon Productions

USA, 2002

Directed by

Screenplay by Bob Dolman

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Golden Globe Award Nomination
Best Performance By An Actress in a Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical (Goldie Hawn)


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