Tarzan, The Ape Man


(out of 5)

Tarzan meets Barbie in this hilariously bad, completely unnecessary adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs story. In this one, Jane (Bo Derek) goes to Africa on an expedition with her father (Richard Harris), and one day while in the jungle comes upon a wild man (Miles O’Keeffe) who was apparently raised by Chippendale-dancer apes. After establishing how friendly she is by having wild jungle sex with him, Jane develops a bond with Tarzan that is put to the test when her party is seized by savages and Tarzan has to rescue them. It’s harmless nonsense, and some might think it fun, but the sheer idiocy of this entire movie will annoy most viewers and bore them to tears.

USA, 1981

Directed by John Derek

Screenplay by Tom Rowe, Gary Goddard, based on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Cinematography by John Derek

Razzie Award
Worst Actress of the Decade (Bo Derek)

Razzie Award
Worst Actress (Bo Derek) (tie)

Worst Picture
Worst Actor (Richard Harris)
Worst Director (John Derek)
Worst Screenplay (Tom Rowe, Gary Goddard)
Worst New Star (Miles O’Keeffe)


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