Fiddler On The Roof


(out of 5)

Russian Jews at the turn of the century live a peaceful, idyllic life until the modern world threatens to change everything. is excellent as the farmer Tevye, father to three daughters who find marriage in places he’d never hoped they would: one marries the man she loves and not the one who can take care of her financially, another marries a Christian Orthodox man. Facing him at the same time is the growing fear all Jews in Russia feel while revolution threatens to erupt all across the nation. Adapted from Sholom Alecheim’s Tevye’s Daughters, the film features beautiful cinematography and a gorgeous score by Jerry Bock (scored for the film by John Williams). It’s extremely long and will bore the less patient viewer, but musical enthusiasts should enjoy it.

The Mirisch Production Company, Cartier Productions

USA, 1971

Directed by Norman Jewison

Screenplay by , adapted for the screen by , based on the play by Joseph Stein, adapted from the stories by , with special arrangement with

Cinematography by Oswald Morris

Produced by Norman Jewison

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by ,

Academy Awards 1971

Golden Globe Awards 1971


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