So Hard To Forget


(out of 5)

Original title:  Como Esquecer

Broken souls band together to improve their lives in this meditative and unremarkable but never dull Brazilian drama. A college professor of English literature is living in devastation after her long-term girlfriend leaves her and she needs to take time off from work to deal with her sorrow. Her best friend, a man whose lover has died and left him with a sizable property, does his best to get her back into the swing of things with a great idea: why not share a summer house with a third party, a young woman who is pregnant with a love child, and hash out their miseries there. Unfortunately, life’s real problems are never too far behind. ‘s thoughtful performance never wallows in self-pity or dramatic histrionics, her sorrow always dramatically satisfying in a film that stays engaging and enjoyable until the end.

Brazil, 2010

Directed by

Story by , , , , , Screenplay by , based on the book by

Cinematography by Heloisa Passos

Produced by

Production Design by

Film Editing by

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