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Supercool sci-fi film by Michael Crichton is an interesting pre-cursor to his extremely popular Jurassic Park.  and   pay $1000 a day to attend an amusement park for grownups where they get to flesh out their fantasies of living in different worlds. The park offers the option of staying in a Medieval castle, a recreation of ancient Rome (free love and all) or the Wild West, the latter being the one that our protagonists choose. The parks are populated by eerily lifelike robots who are there for the guests’ amusement, either for sex, slavery or violent showdowns. It’s during this particular vacation, however, that the wiring of one of the meanest robots in the Western World (played by  doing a hilarious takeoff on his character in The Magnificent Seven) starts to get faulty and the robots start to disobey orders. Now, Benjamin is running through the entire park to save his life and avoid being murdered by Brynner. Jurassic Park‘s screenplay was pretty much an exact duplicate of this wonderful film, and although Westworld doesn’t have the fancy special effects or majestic wonder of dinosaurs, it does have a high level of terrific suspense and Crichton’s high-caliber direction. Pre-Eight Is Enough  appears in a supporting role.

USA, 1973

Directed by Michael Crichton

Screenplay by Michael Crichton

Cinematography by 

Produced by 

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by


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