The Fly


(out of 5)

An obsessed scientist () pores over his research in matter transportation, the kind of technology that could lead to people being beamed up onto the Starship Enterprise.  After an attempt with a live subject proves successful, he decides to test his transportation device on himself, not realizing when he puts the plan into action that a single fly gets into the transport booth with him. When rematerialized in the second destination (still within his laboratory), Goldblum’s molecular structure is combined with that of the fly’s, and his senses begin to respond. , breaking free of the cheesecake roles she’d played up until this point, is terrific as an investigative journalist who signs on to look into Goldblum’s research but ends up with a much different story to tell. David Cronenberg’s superb direction and the marvelous makeup provide one of the most original and daring horror films of the period, with Goldblum giving a marvelous performance as a man who is caught between two worlds of existence.

SLM Production Group, Brooksfilms

USA, 1986

Directed by

Screenplay by , David Cronenberg, based on the short story by

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Award
Best Makeup (Chris Walas, Stephen Dupuis)

New York Film Critics Award Nomination
Best Actor (Jeff Goldblum)

National Society of Film Critics Award Nomination
Best Actor (Jeff Goldblum)

National Board Of Review Award
Top Ten Films

British Academy Award Nominations
Best Special Effects
Best Make Up Artist



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