Made For Each Other


(out of 5)

Tenderhearted tale takes a good look at the early years of marriage and the struggles some couples go through to survive it together.   and play newlyweds who don’t even get to have a proper honeymoon thanks to Stewart’s demanding boss, their early days spent having to live in a small tenement with his overbearing mother. Before long the stork delivers a gift to the couple which threatens to be taken away by a terrible illness if a certain rare medicine can’t be found in time.  One of Lombard’s rare dramatic performances, the film benefits mostly from her giving so much strength and dignity to what would otherwise be a dull, weepy housewife. The last third of the film, involving a high-speed airplane flight to reach the ailing infant in time, is terribly out of place (it was based on an actual event that happened to David O. Selznick when one of his children was near-fatally sick), but doesn’t deter from the poignancy of the film.

USA, 1939

Directed by John Cromwell

Screenplay by , suggested by a story by 

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by


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