Friends And Family


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BB

A hilarious plot is wasted on a hackneyed screenplay and lazy direction. Committed boyfriends Steven and Danny are terrified when Danny’s parents announce that they are coming to New York to visit them and stay at their apartment. The problem isn’t that Steven and Danny are gay, since Danny’s parents already know that. What his parents don’t know is that Steven and Danny’s story that they are successful caterers is a cover for the fact that they’re actually hit men for the Mafia. Now the boys have to put together a snazzy party to keep their cover, and their mob friends even help out to make sure they pull the whole thing off. While it has its moments, it just isn’t funny enough; the pace is painful, and though the leads are plenty to look at, they have no chemistry and getting comedic energy out of co-star Greg Lauren is like squeezing blood from a stone. The wonderful Tovah Feldshuh is fun in a supporting role as a political rebel disguised as a normal housewife, but the most fun to be had from this movie is when the big tough gangster goons are turned into believably gay waiters.

Belladonna Productions, Charleson Pictures

USA, 2001

Screenplay by Joseph Triebwasser

Cinematography by John Leuba

Produced by Kristen Coury, Linda Moran, Joseph Triebwasser

Music by Kurt Hoffman

Production Design by Sonya Gropman

Costume Design by Michelle Martini

Film Editing by Tom Swartwout

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