Dancing Pirate


(out of 5)

Silly fluff, an early Technicolour feature in which a nineteenth century dance instructor is kidnapped by pirates and forced to sail the south seas with them. When they arrive in Mexico he manages to escape during a fracas and end up in a nearby village; the residents of the village accidentally mistake him for a pirate, however, and he is sentenced to death until he is saved by the love of a beautiful woman. When he proves himself good and dances up a storm for the girl’s mayor father (), our hero ends up still having to fight for the girl’s love thanks to the arrival of a swarthy rival. The plotting hardly ever makes any sense, but the songs by Rodgers and Hart are tuneful and the dancing is lovely. Sadly, the film hasn’t been protected in any way over the decades and looks awful; in fact, it wouldn’t even be remembered if it didn’t feature a tiny bit appearance (that I couldn’t even find) of Rita Cansino, just prior to her being reborn as movie star Rita Hayworth.


USA, 1936

Directed by

Screenplay by  , adaptation by , , based on the story by

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 1936

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