The Lady Vanishes (1938)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBBB

United Kingdom, 1938Gainsborough Pictures.  Screenplay by Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder, based on the story The Wheel Spins by Ethel Lina White.  Cinematography by Jack E. Cox.  Produced by Edward Black.  Music by Louis Levy, Charles Williams.  Production Design by Alex Vetchinsky.  Film Editing by R.E. Dearing.  Podcast:  My Criterions.  

Stunning Hitchcock thriller made before his move to Hollywood two years later. A young woman (Margaret Lockwood) shares a train ride with a kindly British governess (Dame May Whitty) while travelling through a fictional European country. When she wakes up from a brief nap in their train compartment, the old lady is missing and everyone around her is insisting she was never there in the first place. Teamed up with a wisecracking music historian (Michael Redgrave), Lockwood finds herself unravelling a mystery a mile long, coming up with clues and then watching them disappear right before her very eyes. A masterful screenplay plus endlessly energetic direction from the master himself, this is an unforgettable ride that everyone who even mildly likes suspense films absolutely must see.

The Criterion Collection:  #3

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