Who’s That Girl


(out of 5)

Despite Madonna’s surprisingly good comedic timing, this entire film falls flat and makes for one of the worst screwball comedies in existence. Liberally lifting plot elements from Bringing Up Baby in an attempt to pay tribute to the thirties genre, it stars Griffin Dunne as a mild-mannered straight laced business executive who is preparing for marriage to his millionaire boss’s rich daughter (Haviland Morris). His prospective father-in-law asks him as a favour to stop at the local jail and pick up a parolee (Madonna, who also provides the film’s title song and three more on the pop-infused soundtrack) and escort her to the bus which will take her to her home state of Pennsylvania. The hope is that helping the young lady will make for good P.R. on the company’s part. When he meets her, however, the woman turns out to be a loudmouthed loose cannon who won’t budge an inch until she clears her name and gets the people who wrongly framed her for a crime she didn’t commit. The dialogue is mostly idiotic and the jokes for the most part deal in silly slapstick humour, with nothing witty at all to make it seem the slightest bit like the kind of movies it wants to emulate. A true shame that it didn’t work better than it does, especially considering how funny both its lead actors are. John Mills contributes a charming cameo.

USA, 1987

Directed by James Foley

Story by Andrew Smith, Screenplay by Andrew Smith, Ken Finkleman

Cinematography by Jan de Bont

Golden Globe Award Nomination
Best Original Song-Motion Picture (“Who’s That Girl”, music and lyrics by Patrick Leonard, Madonna)

Razzie Award Nominations
Worst Actress of the Decade (Madonna)
Worst New Star of the Decade (Madonna)

Razzie Award
Worst Actress (Madonna)

Worst Picture
Worst Director (James Foley)
Worst Screenplay (Andrew Smith, Ken Finkleman)
Worst Original Song (“El Coco Loco, So So Bad”, Coati Mundi)


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