The Crying Game


(out of 5)

An IRA ‘volunteer’ grows attached to the British soldier he has taken hostage, and as penance for his sins travels to London and seeks out the soldier’s wife. That’s where all the fun begins, and I’m not telling you a single thing except to say that films are rarely this original. It’s a thriller, love story, even a bit of a musical, all blended into an exceptional motion picture that is still Neil Jordan’s best after so many years.   and  defy all expectations in their IRA roles , but much of the film belongs to  as Dil:  anyone else would have settled for physical requirements, but Jordan casts a fantastic actor and coaxes a riveting performance from a newcomer.  Beautiful photography and a haunting score by Anne Dudley are also a plus.

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United Kingdom/Japan, 1992

Directed by

Screenplay by Neil Jordan

Cinematography by Ian Wilson

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Film Festivals:  TIFF 1992

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Academy Award
Best Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen) (Neil Jordan)

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Stephen Rea as “Fergus”)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Jaye Davidson as “Dil”)
Best Directing (Neil Jordan)
Best Film Editing (Kant Pan)
Best Picture (Stephen Woolley, producer)

Golden Globe Award Nomination
Best Motion Picture-Drama

New York Film Critics Awards
Best Supporting Actress (Miranda Richardson)
Best Screenplay (Neil Jordan)

Los Angeles Film Critics Award
Best Foreign Film (Neil Jordan)

Best Supporting Actress (Miranda Richardson)
Best Screenplay (Neil Jordan)

National Society of Film Critics Award
Best Actor (Stephen Rea)

Best Film
Best Supporting Actor (Jaye Davidson)
Best Supporting Actress (Miranda Richardson)
Best Director (Neil Jordan)
Best Screenplay (Neil Jordan)

National Board Of Review Awards
Top Ten Films
Most Auspicious Debut (Jaye Davidson)

Writers Guild Award
Best Original Screenplay

Directors Guild Award Nomination
Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures (Neil Jordan)

Independent Spirit Award
Best Foreign Film

British Academy Award
Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film

Best Film
Best Actor (Stephen Rea)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Jaye Davidson)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Miranda Richardson)
Best Direction (Neil Jordan)
Best Screenplay – Original

European Film Award Nomination
European Achievment of the Year (Nik Powell, Stephen Woolley, as producers)

Boston Film Critics Award
Best Screenplay

Goya Award Nomination
Best European Film



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