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(out of 5)

A lonely trash-compacting robot lives on an abandoned planet Earth, spending his days cleaning up a garbage-choked Manhattan and enjoying the tunes that he hears on an old videotape copy of Hello, Dolly!  His loneliness affects the deepest recesses of his microchip board until a spaceship lands nearby and a sleek robot named EVE emerges to complete a classified objective. His passion for her takes WALL-E to infinity and beyond as he makes a leap into the outer stratosphere and eventually helps reintroduce humanity to its natural environment. It’s one brilliant moment heaped onto another without stop, a delightful, passionate comedy that takes some justified swipes at corporate greed without ever being didactic about it. You’ll naturally want to look away from a few strange details, such as the fact that all of humanity seems to be American and speaks English, and it’s a bit creepy that cuddly automaton technology is touted as our saviour. The movie is so perfect, however, that such minor peccadilloes are easily forgiven. The folks at Pixar continue to keep up their habit of making animated films strong for more than just their dazzling animation (and in this case it truly is the best ever seen); the quality of writing that made Toy Story so wonderful (and timeless, even if it is already technologically dated) continues to be a hallmark of the studio’s craft.

FortyFour Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

USA, 2008

Directed by

Story by Andrew Stanton, , Screenplay by Andrew Stanton,

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards:  2008

Golden Globe Awards:  2008

New York Film Critics Awards 2008.

Washington Film Critics Awards 2008.  

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