Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):   BBB.5.

The three Halifax denizens of a trailer park, whose low-budget television show took audiences by storm and achieved international popularity, make it to the big screen and with pleasant results. Petty criminals Ricky and Julian team up with the not-too-bright Bubbles to pull off the greatest heist that they can think of: robbing a movie theatre coin machine of all its change since, after all, coins aren’t marked or traced the way bills are. Meanwhile, Ricky is being evicted from the trailer park after his wife kicks him out following his stint in the clink, and Julian of the perpetual rum and coke finds love at the new strip club that has opened in town. The combination of the individual stories with the overall heist should provide for a bigger mess but, surprisingly, it does not; the film is fast, witty and smooth, marred only by an anticlimactic ending but buoyed by the charming performances and, aside from improved image quality, a dedication to not allow the temptations of cinema to overreach in improving on the television series.

Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution, Trailer Park Productions, Topsail Entertainment, Showcase, Téléfilm Canada, Canadian Television Fund, Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation, The Montecito Picture Company.  


Screenplay by Mike Clattenburg, , based on the television series by Mike Clattenburg.  

Cinematography by .  

Produced by Mike Clattenburg, , .  

Music by .  

Production Design by .  

Costume Design by .  

Film Editing by .  

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