The Circus


(out of 5)

One of Charlie Chaplin‘s most endearing films, this was the first to earn him recognition from the Academy, garnering him nominations as Best Actor and Best Director. The Academy later decided to cancel his two nominations and award him a Special Achievement Award for his excellent work. It tells of a Little Tramp (of course) who breaks into the world of the Big Top when he falls in love with a bareback rider and becomes the hit of the show. His heart is broken, however, when she finds true romance with a hunky tightrope walker. Full of brilliant slapstick humour and finished off with the breathtaking bittersweet flavour that marked so much of the great comedian’s work.

USA, 1928

Directed by

Screenplay by Charles Chaplin

Cinematography by

Produced by Charles Chaplin

Music by Charles Chaplin

Production Design by

Film Editing by Charles Chaplin


Academy Award
Special Award to Charles Chaplin, for acting, writing, directing and producing.


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